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The Jaws of Death (Level 8)

Grab Red Skull #1 at the bottom right of the platform and then head up the stairs. Red Skull #2 is hidden behind the top pillar.

Kill the enemies and if you want to get the score reward make sure you don’t get hit. Continue along the bridge and take out the enemies on top of the pillars.

Just before the gap in the bridge the beast will start chasing you. It may take a bit of practice getting through the next section while picking up all the Red Skulls and shooting the enemies on the pillars.

To make it over the next large gap you’ll need to shoot the platform to lower the wooden ledge. Continue running over the bridge and grapple over the next gap.

Once you reach the end of the bridge stand on the pressure plate. Then pull out the handle and the beast will get trapped and killed. Run through the gate to end the level.

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