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Fiery Depths (Level 10)

Roll down the stairs for the first cutscene. After the chat with Toltec throw a spear at the first statue by the wall. Go back one third of the way up the stairs and throw a second spear in the direction of the statue. If it lands on the right spot you’ll be able to use the spears to jump up to the Ammo Upgrade.

Jump across the tops of the pillars to the ledge with Red Skull #1. Grapple onto the ring and walk off the edge. When the flamers go out swing over to the walkway to the right.

Jump over the gaps to the southwest and head down the stairs. Kill the Skeletons first then come back up and pull out the handle. This extinguishes the fire leading to the tomb below.

Challenge Tomb #1

There are three boulders that need be placed on the three pressure plates. With each boulder you place the fire will move quicker and quicker. It’s a pretty easy challenge. Once the boulders are placed jump to the center for the Relic (Mask of Ehacatl).

Jump back across and leave the tomb.

Spider Tile Platforms

Run down the stairs and jump across the gap to the first spider tile platforms. Jumping across to all 6 of them will give you a reward. If you’re fast enough you can grab the Health Upgrade along the way. Continue around clockwise to Red Skull #2.

Jump back to where you began and wait for the flamers to pass. This time jump straight across the platforms to the other side. Run down the stairs with the wall of flamers and continue across the gap to the platform below.

As you approach the Chaingun on the pedestal you’ll be attacked by 2 Ogres. Take them out and then run around the circle of fire for Red Skull #3 and Red Skull #4. Grab the Chaingun and continue down the stairs.

Jump across the revolving platforms and head into the next room. Take out all the enemies as they appear. Once you’ve killed the last one the fire to the northwest will go out. Head down the stairs to the northwest and enter the next building.

Go around to the left side of the lava pool and use a spear to jump up to the ledge above. Jump across the circular platforms to the other side and continue down the stairs to the northeast.

Wall of Flame

Wait for the fire to move away from you and grapple onto the ring. Walk off the edge and swing across to the right for Red Skull #5. Swing to the left and drop a bomb on the target. Blow it up and the fire below you will go out.

Swing to the left and jump for the Ammo Upgrade, then drop down to the Health Shrine. As you walk towards the corridor of fire an Ogre will appear behind you. Take out the Ogre and then use the Grenade Launcher to destroy the Arrow Traps on the other side of the corridor.

Walk past the fire and jump across the gap to the platform with the boulder and grab Red Skull #6. If you want to complete the challenges blow the boulder across the gap. Roll it to the fire corridor and use a bomb to blow it across. Roll back through the fire and place it on the Health Shrine.

Head back over the fire corridor and go down the broken stairs. Make your way across the circular platforms using the targets to change the direction of the flamers. To the north you’ll find the next challenge tomb.

Challenge Tomb #2

Jump to the central circular platform and shoot the target twice. Jump across to the target and place a bomb next to it. Jump to the center and then to the southwest. Pull out the handle, jump to the center, explode the bomb and then jump to the northeast.

Grab the Artifact (War Drum) before the gate closes. Jump back to the center, shoot the target and leave the tomb.

Jump across the platforms and make your way to the southwest. Continue south and then east for the Health Upgrade. Head back to the west, picking up Red Skull #7 along the way.

Continue west to the walkway and you’ll be taken to the next section.

Scorpion Crest Battle

Head down the stairs to the Ammo Cache and then go through the next arch to begin the battle.

If you’re going for all the challenges you’ll need to lure the skeletons up to the Scorpion Crest before destroying them. Sacrifice 3 skeletons on the crest to complete the challenge. It may be easier to kill all the other enemies first.

After you’ve killed the Skeletons you’ll be attacked by an Armored Ogre. Take it out and continue to the southeast. Head down the stairs and make your way across the revolving platforms.

Red Skull #8 can be found on the right side. You’ll then need to quickly jump across to the left side for Red Skull #9. Jump back to the right and then over to the other side of the chasm.

Head down the stairs and across the gap to the northeast. Watch out for the falling boulders. The final Red Skull #10 can be found in the corner to the north. Grab it and then make your way up the stairs to the exit.

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