Sea Legs

In this part we take a flashback to the first meeting of Octadad and Scarlet. It’s a pretty tricky chapter to navigate and you’ll be slipping and sliding the whole way through as the boat moves and lurches in the rain.

Slide your way through between the crates and over the elevator. Once you get nearer the steps you’ll need a pick-me-up. Luckily one of the crewmen has a cup of coffee on a box. Grab the cup of coffee when the man isn’t looking and have a drink.

Octodad Sea Legs 1Octodad Sea Legs Pick Me Up

The next part is quite tricky. Climb up the ladder and you can either walk across the thin beam or drop down and try to avoid being seen by the crewmen. Personally I think it’s easier to stay out of sight by keeping high and walking across the beam. Go slowly and make sure you always have one tentacle on the ground.

Once across head straight inside. You’ll need to grab a disguise but the locker you need to get into is locked. One of the lockers on the right has the key. Grab it and use it to unlock the locker on the left. Inside is a workman’s outfit.

Octodad Sea LegsOctodad Sea Legs Tentacle Tie

You need to get to the control room but before you do head back to the central crate and grab the Tentacle Tie.

Head straight through the walkway on the right-hand side and you’ll be told to swab the deck. Grab the broom and sweep up all the puddles. Once that’s complete you’ll be told to hoist the anchor. Find the large chain going over the edge of the boat and pull on it to pull up the anchor.

Finally you can continue on to the control room. Head down the right walkway and enter the first door on the left. You’ll see the captain’s uniform in there. Put it on.

Continue down the walkway, up the steps and into the control room. Clear off the map and Scarlet will reveal herself. The path down down to her is blocked by crates. Before you clear the way walk down the stairs, head a little to the right and pick up the Anchors Away Tie.

Octodad Sea Legs MapOctodad Sea Legs Anchors Away Tie

Go back into the control room and spin the wheel left and right. The boat will crash into the crates, knocking them out of the way.

Octodad Sea Legs Rising Tide TieThere is one more tie here we need to get. It’s the hardest tie to get in the whole game. Located up the top of the crane is the Rising Tide Tie.

Try to run up the crane quickly and switch to hands mode quickly before you slide back down.

Continue over to find Scarlet hiding behind a crate.

The chef will come out. Walk near to him to have a chat with him. He won’t believe you’re the captain and will ask you to dance the Captain’s Jig. Just jiggle around as much as you can until he’s happy. He’ll ask you to tie a knot. I’ve never been able to complete this part so if you can’t do it make a run for it back to the control room.

Use the wheel or the crane control to knock the chef off the boat. That’s the end of this chapter. Continue on to Shark Naked.