World of Kelp

Enter into the World of Kelp and Tommy will be there waiting for you to play the Globe game. Grab the globe to start it spinning. As it spins touch all of the buttons with your tentacle. The timer will show you which colored buttons you need to press.

Slide down the kids tunnel into the next section of the World of Kelp. First play the Tilt-a-Quiz game. Tilt the board by walking on it. Keep the coin sliding to light up all sections of the board.

Octodad Globe gameOctodad Sun Wheel

Go to the Sun Wheel and run along like a hamster until you have generated enough power. Tommy will find the on switch which will send you flying. Above the Sun Wheel is a tie! You’ll have to climb on top of it from the right-hand side while it’s moving to get up that high. Quickly switch to hands mode and grab the Sunrise Tie.

Octodad Sun Wheel TieThe next challenge is to grab the top of the kelp. Reach out your tentacle as high as you can and pull it down. Release and try to grab the top.

The spores puzzle is fairly simple if you cheat. Simply grab a spore of each color and place them in each of the circles.

Slide down the kids tunnel again into the Otter room. Before you play the game push aside the small otters on the right-hand side to reveal a big otter wearing the Green Paisely Tie. To play the otter game stand behind the otter and use your hands to move him left and right. Try to stop as many urchins from reaching the goals as possible.

Octodad Otter TieOctodad Otter Game

Enter the play area. Tommy has made it to the top already and he’s waiting for you. Work you way up the path. Grab the kelp dangling down to help you get up. When you’re half-way up grab the Octopus Pattern Tie from the body of the giant octopus.

Octodad World Of Kelp PlayroomClimb over the bridges and up to the flying fox. Grab hold of it and let go when you’re over the trampoline. The next part is quite tricky. You’ll need to bounce your way into a small hole in the roof. Sometimes you can get a foothold on the wall to make it easier.

Find Tommy at the top and have a nice slide out to exit the World of Kelp.

Meet Scarlet on The Tank

Octodad Coral TieOnce you have finished the World of Kelp, Deep Dark Sea and Amazon Arcade you’ll see Scarlet standing on top of the tank. The ‘Employees Only’ door is now open by the Cafeteria so head on through into the locker room.

The third locker from the end on the left-hand side contains the Coral Tie.

Meet Scarlet on the tank and watch the final cut-scene.

Continue on with Sea Legs.