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You won’t be able to reach the second planet directly. Instead hop onto the asteroid as it flies within range.

The Asteroid

Use the trumpet on the small knob at the top of the asteroid. A new puzzle will appear. This one’s quite easy. Simply grab and turn the wheel around and gobble up all of the red circles. You may need to move the white circles to a different line first by eating them and spitting them out somewhere else to get to the red circles.

Samorost 3 Part 2 Asteroid PuzzleOnce all of circles are white order them in lines of three. This will complete the puzzle and open the hole at the top of the asteroid. Jump down.

There is a bug hanging onto the cave roof with two antennae. You can pluck them to make a sound. Pluck both of them until the bug wakes up and releases some kind of ice cloud.

Click on the feature on the left side of the cave and it will open up, revealing a key hole. Click on the key hole and you’ll see you need some kind of key to open it.

Samorost 3 Part 2 Asteroid CaveThat’s all you can do here for now. Head back up to the surface and jump in your flying machine. Click out to space to take off.

When the asteroid gets close to the second planet click on it to make your way there.

The Second Planet

Hop out of your ship and head one screen to the west. Go into the hole at the base of the first tree and you’ll come out of a tree log just above. The tree to the left is making a noise so click on it with your trumpet.

Samorost 3 Part 2 TrumpetYou’ll see a picture of a tree and how you can climb in one hole to emerge out another.

There’s a little chimney with a mushroom cap to your right. Hold the chimney closed by clicking on the mushroom. Smoke will start appearing out of the tree house and a lady will run out. Enter the hole to the very right of the screen to appear at the bottom behind the creature. Enter the tree house.

Samorost 3 Part 2 Tree HouseYou’ll come out at the top right above the giant bug. Pull on the rope hanging from the branch and the tree to the left will breathe out some smoke. Crawl back into the hole and enter back into the hole at the base of the big tree.

Now you’ll emerge from the top of the tree and be able to pluck the antennae. Pluck all the antennae and the bug will awake, releasing some kind of strange gas, turning day into night.

Samorost 3 Part 2 Giant BugNow that the bug is awake use the trumpet on the bug. He’ll show you an image of two bugs together. Listen to the sound they make with their antennae and which antennae are moving. You’ll need to pluck the same ones in the same pattern. From left to right here’s the pattern.

3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 3, 1, 1, 4, 4, 4, 2, 2, 2.

Once you have the pattern right little gnomes will appear from the tree and the purple, blue circle will appear next to you. Grab the little purple/blue circle and place it in the middle of the pattern by the bug.

The bugs will make an extension to the pattern for you to follow. The first part is the same but more is added to the end. Grab the circle to place it in your inventory and follow the pattern.

3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 3, 1, 1, 4, 4, 4, 2-2, 2-2, 2-2.

Once again the little gnomes will start flying around the tree. Climb back in the hole to emerge at the base of the tree. Walk all the way to the west and jump on the zip-line to the other side.

There are some lizard-like creatures on the other side of the hole and a strange branch with three circles in it. Click on the branch to take a closer look at it. Use the trumpet on the branch and it will reveal that circle pattern.

Samorost 3 Part 2 Branch PatternClick on the three lizards in turn to wake them up. When they are awake they will start singing and the tune will depend on where the position of the pod on the reeds is. The reeds in the center have a small pod on them that can be moved up and down. I don’t really understand how but positioning them in the way below triggers something and one of the lizards sings loudly and the branch shoots its top off.

Samorost 3 Part 2 LizardsNow go over to the branch and pull it down so that a seed falls out. A new plant will sprout up. Pull the new plant over and a sticky substance will come out. You need to be right under this sticky substance to be able to grab it.
Head back over the zip line to the other side. You’ll need to use the lever left and right to work your way back up.

Go back to east to the area where your ship landed. Click on the dangling mushroom and make sure that it is off the faucet. This is a giant tap. There’s what looks like broken pottery below it. Use the sticky substance on all of the broken pieces to help hold them in place. Start putting the pieces back together until it is complete.

Walk to the east and use the trumpet on the giant turtle to speak to him. He’ll give you a brief image of what appears to be some kind of slug.

Press the little circles on his shell to push them all in. Use the trumpet to speak with him again. He’ll show you an image of a pattern.

Samorost 3 Part 2 Turtle PuzzlePush the circles down in the same pattern. The turtle will slide backwards revealing a hole underneath. Walk into the hole. You’ll come down to a small island next to ropes with creatures dangling from two of them.

You can pick the creatures up and move them to a different rope. Parts of the rope has spikes on it. The solution is to pull the ropes down so that you can jump to a part of the rope without any spikes.

Samorost 3 Part 2 Rope Spikes PuzzleYou’ll be able to get across with some trial and error. Once across to the other side you’ll come to a couple of monkeys in bathtub. There are pipes here that are feeding water and heat to the monkeys. There are a couple of steps to solving this puzzle.

1) Disconnect the pipe just above and to the left of the right monkey. This will disconnect his heat.

2) Move the pipe at the top left to connect with the pipe at the very top. Give it a few seconds and this will bring water down to the bottom bathtub.

Samorost 3 Part 2 Monkey Pipes3) Grab the pipe from the left and connect it to the pipes to the left of the right monkey. See pic below.

Samorost 3 Part 2 Monkey Pipes 24) Have a look through the telescope dangling down on a rope and move the lever up and down until the cup is full and lowers down.

Samorost 3 Part 2 Water CupBefore you leave connect the pipes back the way they were otherwise the monkey will grab you when you try to leave and put you back.

Head back to where your ship landed and the pottery that you fixed. The cup should be filled with water now.
Climb in the hole at the bottom of the faucet. You’ll lower down into a round cave with two black bugs with antennae. From left to right I’ll number the antennae from 1 to 4. You need to pluck them in a certain order to wake up the bugs.

Pluck the antennae like this: 1, 3, 3, 2, 4, 1.

You’ll be given the purple/blue circle in your inventory. Use it on one of the bugs. It will form two bugs that make a tune. You’ll need to copy this tune like before.

The pattern is: 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 3, 1, 1, 4, 4, 4, 2, 2, 2.

Once you enter the tune a hole will open up below and the key will appear. Pick up the key and climb back up the rope. Go back into your spaceship and take off.

Land on the asteroid as it comes near and go back down the little hole at the top.

Use the key on the key hole and the course of the asteroid will change. Hope back into your spaceship and take off. Wait until you are near the world that looks like a flying grey tree stump and fly towards it.

That’s all for now. Click here to go to Part 3: Grey Tree Moon.