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Hop out of your spaceship and use the trumpet on the top of the grey meteor. You’ll seen an image of another battle with the strange creature and how the meteor landed on the planet.

Samorost 3 Part 4 MeteorWalk down the meteor and over to the east to the three totem poles. Use the trumpet at the base of the three poles and each of them will display a sign.

Keep walking to the east and use your trumpet on the metallic object. This will open up what I call the Bubble Puzzle.

Samorost 3 Part 4 Bubble PuzzleThe way to complete this puzzle is to drag the blue bubbles together. Drag two of them together. Then another two. Drag these two larger bubbles together to make a large bubble of four. Eliminate the white bubbles by dragging them into the large four-sized blue bubbles.

Once all the white bubbles are gone drag the blue bubbles together into twos and then fours. You should have four sized-four bubbles. Drag the fours together to make two eight-sized bubbles. Lastly drag these two donut shaped bubbles together to finish the puzzle.

The metallic object will open and you’ll be able to grab the second book. Click on the book icon at the top of the screen to have a read.

Samorost 3 Part 4 Second BookThis shows the story of how one of the monks turned bad and created a dragon creature after being cast out and exiled. He attacked the monks and took their trumpets. Presumably one of them fell which is how the little gnome found his trumpet.

The totem pole with a ladder on the side of it can be swung from left to right. Click to grab it and drag it over to the hole on the left. It should get stuck there creating steps for you to walk inside.

Samorost 3 Part 4 Totem StepsInside the cave you’ll see the underside of the totem poles. You can pull these up and down. It works like a code and the three symbols you saw by speaking with the poles up the top must be up the top just inside the earth. Look at the pic below for final positioning of the totem poles.

Samorost 3 Part 4 Totem Pole CodeThe circular board will spin and a caterpillar will crawl out. Click on the caterpillar until he shows you a symbol and then click on it. Head out of the cave and to the west.

There is now a platform over the hole. Go and stand on it to be lowered down into another cave.

There are strange little black creatures here. Click on them to make them sing. Click on all four of them at the right time to have them all sing in harmony. You’ll know you have it right because the gnome will start dancing.

Samorost 3 Part 4 Lava CaveThe creatures will lift up the basket and roll out a brown ball. Roll it across to the west and into a lava pool. This cave is under the meteor that crashed.

Go back to the four black creatures and place the mandrake root creature into the basket. Get all of the creatures singing once more. After singing they will raise the basket and roll out the brown ball again. Click on it to roll it over to the lava pool.

This time it will explode and the meteor will take off. Climb back to the platform and go back to your spaceship. Hop inside and take off.

The Meteor

Wait for the round meteor to fly past and click on it. Hop out of your ship and use the trumpet on the small hole at the top of the meteor. The little creatures inside appear to be happy.

Hop back onto your ship and take off. This meteor will take you to a new system with a planet and two moons.

We’ll continue the walkthrough in Part 5: Fourth Planet.