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Blue Moon

Click on the blue moon to land on it and you’ll see one of the good monks. He’ll show you how he was attacked by the dragon who ate all the little creatures and stole something from the moon. Hop back onto your ship and fly off to the crescent moon.

Crescent Moon

On top of the crescent moon is a giant sleeping robot and massive sword. There’s nothing to do here except take a look for now. Head back into your ship and take off.

Fourth Planet

The fourth planet is a lush planet covered in forests and a mountain. The pipes here play something like an organ.

Before you play the pipes pull the lever next to the well to bring water into the pipe organ.

One of the pipes leads down to some plants. This is the pipe that you must play last in order to give plants lots of water. This pipe is the fourth from the left. Play all the other notes and then this one last.

Samorost 3 Part 5 Pipe OrganA pumpkin-type vegetable will appear. Leave it there for now and head over to the east.

Three monks are here. Speak with them one-by-one to get clues about what to do.

Samorost 3 Part 5 Three MonksWalk through the forest and up the mountain to the observatory. The machine dragon is here. You won’t be able to get in so come back down to the monks and click on the little row boat. The monk will take you across the lake.

Head towards the cave and use the trumpet on the cave entrance. A large anteater will come out and show you the picture of the pumpkin. Jump back on the row boat and go back across the lake.

Go back to where you landed and pick up the pumpkin. You’ll take it across to the anteater. He’ll let you climb on his nose and take you to the higher rock ledge. Use your trumpet on the rock door just to the left.

A fish puzzle will appear. Turn one of them around to face the other way and then spin them all around. Repeat this process for all four fish until they all change color. The rock door will open for you. This is a secret entrance into the observatory.

Samorost 3 Part 5 Observatory Secret EntranceUse the bellows and the bad monk will get all hot and start running around. Pick up the small basket of coal and put it in the fire. Use the bellows again until the machine above starts to whistle and drips liquid into the glass jar. The bad monk will come down and drink the liquid. This will hurt his throat and he won’t be able to use his trumpets anymore.

Walk back down the ladder with the basket and blow your trumpet at the anteater. He will let you down. Click on the pile of coal/dung or whatever it is to fill up the basket once more and hop on the anteaters nose.

Go back up to the observatory and fill the fire with the coal. Use the bellows once more until the machine whistles. The bad monk will drink the liquid again and try out his trumpets.

You will need to repeat this process a third time. Go back and fill up the basket with coal/dung, fill the fire and use the bellows. You’d think the monk would learn but he doesn’t.

This time he gets on the mechanical dragon and flies away.

Run up the stairs to the top level and grab the round sphere on the table. Go back to your spaceship and take off.
Head back to the Crescent Moon.

Crescent Moon

Hop out of your ship and use the black sphere on the sleeping robot. It will wake up. Click on it to talk to him and tell him about the dragon.

Samorost 3 Part 5 Giant RobotThe Robot will take off and do battle with the bad monk on the dragon. The dragon will be slain.

Enjoy the final cut-scene of this beautiful game. If you enjoyed this game you may also like Samorost and Samorost 2. Stay tuned for more adventure games!