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Red Marley Rising


Meet the Jester
Board the Red Marley
Break the Seal

Afia is the first of your crew. You’ll be finding more of them as you go along. There’s no danger here so make your way through the small town until you find the Jester on a balcony at the tavern.

After the cutscene you’ll land on a new island. Follow the tutorial prompts as you make your way around the island.

Prognosticators can’t be killed directly. Later on you can distract them with one crew member and kill them with another. For now you’ll need to push the rock onto them from above.

Sneak past the guards and ascend the rock pillar.

Once you reach the top you’ll see the Red Marley. Make your way across the stone bridge towards the Red Marley. Sneak around the side of the rock cliff and climb up the vines.

I like to sneak around the back of the guards and take out the furthest patrolling guard while he’s hidden behind the tents.

You can then use the haystacks as cover before making a dash up the stairs and across the chain to the ship.

Take out the Custode while the other guards in within the circle. When the Custode is killed the other guards will be stunned for a few seconds.

That’s one of the Custodes. There’s a second on the other end of the ship. Sneak past or take out the guards as you go. It’s safer to clear the path as you progress so you’re not spotted by the ones you’ve already passed.

Take out the second Custode. The surrounding guards will be stunned for a few seconds.

With both Custodes taken out you’ll speak with the Red Marley and forge a contract before breaking the seal to set her free.

At the end of the mission you’ll see a little map showing your progress through the mission.

The Red Marley

One the ship you can talk to the Red Marley for more story and to figure out what you need to do next. Two of the old crew members are still on deck, Suleidy and Toya. If you find a Black Pearl and Soul Energy you’ll be able to revive one of them.

The crew members are at the front (bow) of the ship, as well as Old Gertrude where you can find the first Black Pearl.

Head to the other side of the ship and talk to Pete and the Nameless One for the second Black Pearl. Choose which crew to revive. I went for Suleidy but Toya is just as useful.

Switch over to your new crew member and speak to the Red Marley for more story. Talk to Estelle, the monkey, and you can head down below for a tutorial with your new crewmate. Once you’re done take a look at the map for the next mission.

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