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Bark and Bramble


Gather the Relic Pieces

I chose the Secluded Cliffside as the landing spot and brought Afia, Suleidy and Pinkus. You may have different crewmates depending on who you revived.

Climb up the ladders on the side of the cliff, taking out the soldiers along the way. There are some bushes you can hide in half way up if you don’t have Suleidy.

Make your way around the cliffs to the left. You’ll need to sneak your way past the soldiers around the wall. The two soldiers that you need to eavesdrop on are on the beach. Unfortunately they’re out in the open with soldiers patrolling all around

Use the bushes by the wall as cover and take out the guards one-by-one. Once the coast is clear sneak up to the two guards and listen in on the conversation. You can also use Pinkus to transform into a guard and just walk over to them.

The first Relic is out by the pier. You’ll need to send someone to swim out to it. Swim around behind the guard and take him out first.

The second part of the Relic can be found on the beach. It’s the most difficult one to reach as all the guards seem to be watching each other. They’ll also notice footprints in the sand.

Clear out the guards by the pier, then the ones standing off by themselves. Use Afia to timestop any guards that might be watching as you kill them off.

It’s a difficult section so get ready to have a few attempts. With the guards out of the way investigate the relic.

The third and final relic can be found further around the island on another beach. There aren’t as many soldiers her so clearing them out is a little easier. Use your crewmates together to clear out multiple guards at once.

After collecting the third piece make your way to one of the Tears. There are four options on this island. Take out the guard holding the tear in place to stun all the surrounding enemies for a few seconds. You can then make a dash for the Tear and teleport back to the Red Marley.

Red Marley

Have a chat with the Marley and then find the Jester out on the end of the ship.

After saying hello to the Jester talk to the Marley once more. Then head to the map and select your next mission.

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