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A Ship Needs a Crew


Attack Custodes
Examine the Gate
Gather the Crew

At the start of each mission you’ll get to choose your landing spot. For this mission there’s only one option, Ballista Base. You only have 2 crew so there’s not many choices here. Bring Afia and the one crew you revived.

Have Afia climb up the vines to the left so you can let down the ladder for the other crew member. I took Suleidy for her plant cover ability.

Use both crew to make your way towards the Custodes, taking out the guards along the way. The Custodes is preventing the gate from opening. You’ll need to take him out first before rescuing the other crew members.

Hide in the haystacks and take out the first guard writing at the table when the patrolling Comisarius runs off.

I think took out the two guards on the cliff side at the same time as they watch each other.

To clear this area I had Suleidy kill the Acolyte standing on the other end of the route patrolled by the Comisarius. Then time stopped the acolyte by the crew member hung up and blink attacked the Comisarius.

Take out the Custode and finish off any remaing guards in this area. With the Custode gone the gate will appear. Examine it for a short cutscene. The portal will be your exit for each mission.

Grab the first two crew, Quentin Aalbers and John Mercury, and throw them through the portal. They’ll land on the Red Marley.

There’s still 3 more crew to find so take out the guard standing on the lookout. Take out the next 2 guards when no-one is watching.

Move their bodies away before the patrolling guard spots them. Clear out the remaining guards, pick up the crew and take them back to the portal.


Find Ignacia’s Notes

The Red Marley still has one more task while you’re here, to find Ignacia’s Notes. You’ll need to kill the 2 Kindred who are bound together. While one is alive the other will be revived. You’ll need to take them out at the same time.

Use the plants as cover as you make your way around to the top of the cliff. One crew should take the left path while the other goes to the right. With both crew in position strike the Kindred at the same time.

Examine the notes on the table, then return through the gate to end the mission.

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