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After completing A Gilded Cage you can eavesdrop on two men on Harbour Ave. The correct words are “Fortune-Teller Kid”, “Called a Liar” and ” Assaulted and Chased”. You’ll overhear them talking about a fortune-teller child who was assaulted and chased near the crossing of Harbour Ave and Thunder Rd in Scaladio.

Go to the location and search the fortune-teller’s stall. Look at the crystal, tarot cards, sign that’s fallen over and the magician’s hat.

Pin “Magical Prodigy” to your screen and track the boy’s steps in concentration mode. Make sure you wear the hat before finding the boy for some extra dialogue. The tracks will lead down some stairs to the beach where you’ll meet the boy.

Observe the boy to find out he’s a “Bored Rich Kid”. He’ll confirm that this is true. Finish off the dialogue with him and this short case will be complete.

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