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Once you’ve finished all the cases from the notice board clerk Stark will ask you to help find Chief Inspector Placido who disappeared a few months ago.

Walk up the steps and enter the room that says Chief Inspector Placido. Check the note on the table about Placido’s retirement, the evidence files with many of the files missing, the cabinet by the door with the missing 6-shot revolver, newspaper and snuffbox.

Open up your casebook and pin “Placido’s Office” to your screen. You’ll notice a few points of interest. What you are looking for are the fingerprints on the frame of the painting. Push it aside to reveal a hidden stash.

Inside you’ll find notes on the Hive Master, a collection of Hive articles and an ear in a jar. Jon will challenge you to take the jar.

Once you’ve gathered up all the evidence leave the Police Station and make your way to City Hall. Go inside and enter the archives.

Have “Notes on the Hive Master” up as evidence and then choose Subjects – Citizens, Period – British (1800s) and District – Miner’s End.

You’ll find information about 4 of B. Queen’s properties. The one you are looking for is the one currently for sale, the warehouse in Miner’s End, located on Clay St. by Stephenson’s Bridge.

Around the outside you might find a couple of staff talking about their boss. Listen in closely and look for the words “Never seen him”, “Contacts through proxies” and “Typed messages”.

Enter the yard and open the doors to the warehouse for a battle. Defeat all of the enemies, either through killing them or arresting them.

Head upstairs to the office and look at the crate of guns, the burnt papers in the fireplace and the partially burnt letter on the floor in front of it and the desk.

From your casebook highlight the Burnt Papers and do chemical analysis on it to see what you can find. You’ll be able to restore some partial notes on a few orders.

Pin the “Letter from H.M.” to your screen and ask around for directions to the apiary. You may want to dress in regular workers clothes to get a better response. Eventually someone will tell you that the apiary can be found west of Wiggins St in northern Miner’s End.

When you meet the man who appears to be the Hive Master observe him. You’ll need to conclude that he is Chief Inspector Placido.

When asked what happened to the Hive Master respond by saying “You killed him”. Placido took the place of the Hive Master to dismantle the gang from within. Now he just wants to live in peace.

Placido asks you to drop the case and don’t tell anyone about him. Give him the ear in the jar if you have it and then you can ask for either his revolver or a few beehives as a reward.

Leave and go pack to Sergeant Start at the Police Station and tell him Placido is dead. This finishes the quest and completes all of the police cases.

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