Tomb Raider: Underworld is the 9th in the series and takes place in various locations around the world such as the Mediterranean Sea, Thailand, Mexico, the Andaman Sea and the Arctic Sea.

Lara has realized that her mother wasn’t taken to Avalon but to the Norse Underworld. In order to open a portal to that realm she must find the hammer of Thor, known as Mjolnir. The clues to entry to the underworld are located in the real world counterpart locations. If she can find the connection between them she might be able to figure out where the hammer is hidden.

There are a few new guns for Underworld. The Spear Gun is great for underwater fighting but can be used above water as well. There’s also the Tranquilizer Gun, Sticky Grenades and Thor’s Hammer.

Tomb Raider: Underworld Walkthrough

Prologue: Croft Manor

No Illusions

Level 1: Mediterranean Sea

Part 1: Path to Avalon
Part 2: Niflheim
Part 3: The Norse Connection
Part 4: God of Thunder
Part 5: Realm of the Dead

Level 2: Coastal Thailand

Part 1: The Remnants
Part 2: Bhogavati
Part 3: The Ancient World
Part 4: A Puppet No Longer

Level 3: Croft Manor

Protected by the Dead

Level 4: Southern Mexico

Part 1: The Unnamed Days
Part 2: Xibalba
Part 3: The Midgard Serpent
Part 4: Land of the Dead

Level 5: Jan Mayen Island

Part 1: Gate of the Dead
Part 2: Valhalla

Level 6: Andaman Sea

Rituals Old

Level 7: Arctic Sea

Part 1: Helheim
Part 2: Yggdrasil
Part 3: Out of Time