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Croft Manor

The prologue starts you off in the middle of the burning Croft Manor. As you try to escape the game will take you through some of Lara’s basic movements. We’ll learn some of the more advanced movements as we go along. Most of the controls are the same or similar to Tomb Raider: Anniversary.

Run forwards and head around the corner. Jump to climb up and continue up the stairs. Interact with the Switch to open the door. Roll under the fallen bridge and then climb on top of the flat section. While standing on the bridge use the Grapple to latch onto the door and pull it open.

Run through the door and pick up the Health Pack. Jump to grab the side railing and jump up. Shimmy across to the left, drop down, shimmy left a little and then jump backwards to land in the hallway.

Push the large block closer to the far wall so you can climb onto it and then grab the railing on the wall. Traverse as far as you can to the right and jump to the right to land on the next section of hallway.

As you walk forwards a section of floor will collapse. Jump over it and climb through the doorway. Run to the left and use the Grapple to swing across the gap.

Run along to the right and either safety jump to the floor below or do a swan dive. Once you land a cutscene will begin.

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