Free the Lieutenants – Find the Blood Elf Lieutenants and free them.

The Ghosts of Dalaran (Optional) – The spirits of the Archmagi still haunt this place. Slay them to set them free.

The Jailor Kassan – Kill the jailor and all his guards.


Stone Token

Medallion of Courage

Tome of Knowledge

Ring of the Archmagi

Tome of Strength

Claws of Attack +3

Claws of Attack +6

Tome of Agility

Heart of of Aszune

Shamanic Totem

Frost Wyrm Skull Shield


The Dungeons of Dalaran Walkthrough

This is another dungeon map where you control two heroes, Kael’thas and Lady Vashj. There are tons of items dotted around the map and secret runesĀ that you’ll need to stand on for secrets. This map also has the entrance to the secret level called ‘The Crossing’. More on that later.

Lady Vashj will free Kael from his magical cell. The two of them, and any elves you find along the way should be more than a match for anything you’ll face on this map. Free the first Blood Elf Lieutenant in the cell next to kael.

There is a Stone Token in the river just to the east of your starting position. Only Vashj will be able to pick it up as it’s in deep water. Break the Magic Vault on the other side of the river for a Tome of Knowledge.

Break the door to the south of your starting location to see the four Spirits of the Archmagi. You’ll need to kill them to set them free. In this room you’ll find a Tome of Strength. Have two units step on the two green runes to open the Iron Gate to the east and kill the first Ghostly Archmagi. He’ll drop a Gem Fragment which will go together with the other fragments from the Archmagi to make the Ring of the Archmagi.

Make your way west and then south from your starting location to take out the spiders. The Monstrous Spider will drop the Medallion of Courage. Go back and then head to the very south to free the secondĀ Blood Elf Lieutenant. Free the elf next door and step on the two purple ruins to open the gate to the second Archmagi who will drop another part of the ring.

Head to the west, kill the spiders and pick up the Claws of Attack +3 in one of the egg sacks in one of the cells.

Go back to the east and head over the bridge. You’ll notice a yellow rune in the water just to the north of the bridge. Attack the Dalaran Experiments and place two units on the green runes for a Tome of Agility.

Continue north and have Lady Vashj swim to the yellow rune while another units stands on the yellow rune next to the mushrooms for a Tome of Intelligence. Continue around to the north and east. In a room with crates you’ll find the Boots of Speed.

In a small pool with a purple rune you’ll find the Claws of Attack +6 hidden from sight behind a statue.

Step on the two purple runes to open the gate to the third Ghostly Archmagi and the third part of the Ring of the Archmagi. Continue to the south and free the third Blood Elf Lieutenant.

Further to the south will be a large room with a big battle. Let the duke it out and then clean up the remainders. There is a sparkly entrance to a cave on the eastern side of this room that leads to the second red rune. Step on both red runes to open the gate to the fourth and last Ghostly Archmagi and the last piece of the Ring of the Archmagi.

Head to the south and break the gate to the west for the secret level access. There are three sheep in pens and three pressure plates next to them. You need to step on the pressure plates in the right order to reveal the secret area.

Step on the pressure plates in the orders shown above to open the gate to the north. They will sing “Baaa, Ram, Ewe” Go through and pick up the Secret Level Powerup.

Continue around to the south and east. Use Flame Strike on the mushrooms to reveal a light blue rune. Step on the other light blue rune as well to open a gate to an Arcanite Golem. Break the crates in this room to reveal a Shamanic Totem, Frost Wyrm Skull Shield and the Essence of Aszune.

Work your way around to the east and then north. Free the last Blood Elf Lieutenant and then kill the jailor and all the guards to complete this mission.

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