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The Center of the Human Lands

You begin with a sizable force but you have no Peons and you won’t receive any reinforcements. Your army consists of 4 Wolfriders, 10 Grunts, 10 Spearmen, 4 Warlocks, 4 Necrolytes and 4 Catapults.

If you want to see what units are up ahead use the Warlocks to conjure some Spiders and send them out to scout. Line up your army in the usual way with the heavy units to the front, Spearmen in the center and sides and catapults behind.

If you follow the path to the north-east you’ll only need to cross over one bridge. Step your army forwards and use Grunts to lure out any enemies. When the Human outpost is in range let your Catapults bombard them from a distance. Destroy all Human units and structures to complete the mission.

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