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Stormwind Keep

The Humans begin with 3 established outposts and they’ll send invisible units into your base so this is a tricky mission to get started. Make sure you keep your army close to your base so you can protect your Peons or Catapults when the enemy units arrive.

Place down a tower and start training Warlocks. The Summon Daemon spell should already be researched. Watch out for enemy Water Elementals. It may be worthwhile keeping a Warlock with full mana in the base to summon a Daemon whenever a Water Elemental approaches.

Just like the previous mission send out groups of 4 Daemons to smash through the enemy bases. The large base with Stormwind Keep has a large group of Catapults. Rush them with your Daemons or other units because they are the only enemy unit that can stop your Daemons. Once the last building has fallen and all enemy units have been slain the mission and campaign will be complete.

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