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  1. Elthan’s Hut
  2. Quarry

A Sackful of Fluff is a new quest added during Patch 1.3 and can be completed whether you followed Roche or Iorveth at the end of Chapter 1. If you followed Roche you’ll need to wait until you can cross the mist to the Vergen side before completing this quest.

Speak with Elthan (1) in his hut to find out he wants to collect Harpy Feathers. He wants 12 feathers first of all but when you bring them back he tells you he wants more. You can negotiate with him to raise the price if you want. You can find Harpy feathers in the nearby Quarry (2).

Once you have the 12 feathers bring them back to Elthan and then head out to the quarry for another 60. Bring back a few more because when you give him the 60 feathers he’ll still want another 8.

That’s all for this quest for now so leave the area and do something else for a while. When you come back and enter the hut you’ll see Elthan dressed up in a harpy costume. The final reward for coming back to see him is Elthon’s Trophy which gives you a small buff to vitality, armor, damage to humans and signs damage.

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