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If you chose to side with the Scoia’tael you’ll be heading into the town of Vergen after getting through the Prelude to War: Aedirn quest. Vergen is a dwarven town and you’ll find plenty to do. There’s arm wrestling champions, dice poker, fist fights in the tavern and lots of elves and dwarves to talk to. Check out the noticeboard outside the tavern for some quests.

Saskia has been poisoned and you’ll need to search for the ingredients for a cure while Philippa tries to keep her alive. Triss is out there somewhere but who knows where? There’s also a vicious beast on the loose that seems to be cutting down the young men.

When you arrive in Vergen you might want to check out the Subterranean Life and Hey, Works on in the Mines quests, as well as following the trail in Where is Triss Merigold? This chapter ends with the final quest, Vergen Beseiged.

Main Quests

A Matter of Life and Death
Death Symbolized
Hatred Symbolized
Hunting Magic
Prelude to War: Aedirn
Royal Blood
Subterranean Life
The Eternal Battle
The Walls Have Ears
The War Council
Vergen Besieged
Where is Triss Merigold?

Side Quests

A Sackful of Fluff
Baltimore’s Nightmare
Bring it On: Vergen
Hey, Works in the Mines
Mystic River
Oathbreaker’s Outfit [Dark]
One on One: Vergen
Poker Face: Vergen
Suspect Thorak
The Harpy Contract
The Queen Harpy Contract
With Flickering Heart

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