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  1. Tavern
  2. Earso (Grapeshot Bombs)
  3. Mine Entrance
  4. Upper Shaft Key
  5. Door to Upper Shaft
  6. Middle Shaft Key
  7. Rotfiend Tunnel
  8. Door to Middle Shaft
  9. Lower Shaft Key
  10. Door to Lower Shaft
  11. Bullvore and Immortelle
  12. Balin’s Body and Warehouse Key
  13. Warehouse

After Saskia gets poisoned during The War Council, Philippa will ask you to search for an Immortelle herb deep within the Dwarven Mines. To begin the quest first speak with Zoltan at the Tavern (#1). He and the other dwarves will have a hilarious time drinking and chatting. During the conversation you’ll all agree to head to the mines to clean it up and to search for the Immortelle.

Before you go make sure you have at least 3 Grapeshot Bombs for the Hey, Works On in the Mines quest. You can buy them from Earso (#2). Next make your way over to Cecil at the Mine Entrance (#3).

The mine is separated into three sections with a locked door between them. Each section will have the key to the next section somewhere within it. You’ll also find the Key to the Warehouse along the way.

Your first task is to make it to the location #4 and loot the Upper Shaft Key from the corpse. You’ll also find the first page of Balin’s Journal with Balin’s Map. There’s the first Rotfiend Tunnel here that you need to collapse for The Rotfiend Contract.

Use the Upper Shaft Key to open the door at #5. There’s another body with the Middle Shaft Key at #6, as well as more pages of Balin’s Journal and his second Map. The next Rotfiend Tunnel is found at #7.

Open the second door at #8 and continue searching the area. You’ll find the Lower Shaft Key on a corpse at #9 as well as the third part of his Journal and the final piece of the Map.

The Lower Shaft Key opens the door at #10. Make your way towards the Bullvore (#11). He’s tough to defeat and has a few Rotfiend friends with him. The dwarves should help take care of the Rotfiends while you deal with the Bullvore. The Immortelle should be located just behind where the Bullvore was first spotted.

If you head down the other tunnel towards #12 you’ll need to carefully make your way past many traps. It was Balin’s last attempt to stop the beasts from killing him. You’ll find the last part of his Journal here, along with the Warehouse Key which opens the Warehouse (#13).

Inside the warehouse you’ll find some Grapeshot Bombs, a Steel Sword, a Robust Sword of Dol Blathanna and numerous sacks filled with Iron Ore.

Once you leave the mines the dwarves will say that they had fun and will make their way towards the Tavern.

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