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The Oathbreaker Armor set can only be obtained if you’re playing on Dark difficulty. If you’re wearing the full set of armor using the special swords Virgin and Black Unicorn will give you Lifestealing. If you don’t have the full set than wielding the swords will damage you.

To craft the armor set you’ll need to visit one of the blacksmiths. There’s a lot of crafting ingredients needed so you may need to buy some of them if you haven’t found them already. Ingredients needed for each piece are detailed below.

Armor – 18x Studded Leather, 1x Draugir Armor Fragment, 2x Twine, 1x Diamond Dust, 12x Robust Cloth
Boots – 2x Studded Leather, 4x Hardened Leather, 2x Robust Cloth, 2x Essence of Death
Gauntlets – 6x Hardened Leather, 2x Robust Cloth, 4x Twine, 2x Amethyst Dust
Trousers – 6x Hardened Leather, 6x Harpy Feather, 4x Robust Cloth, 4x Twine
Virgin – 2x Iron Ore, 14x Silver Ore, 2x Timber, 2x Diamond Dust, 2x Essence of Death
Black Unicorn – 14x Iron Ore, 2x Hardened Leather, 3x Timber, 2x Blue Meteorite Ore, 5x Amethyst Dust

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