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  1. Town Hall
  2. Wine Server
  3. Cecil Burdon
  4. Olcan’s House

During the quest Royal Blood the peasant’s will grow angry and accuse Prince Stennis of poisoning Saskia. During the commotion you’ll need to speak to the people in the Town Hall (#1) and gather information about the poisoning. After speaking with the peasant’s you’ll learn that the wine server is being guarded by the Scoia’tael (#2).

Go over to see him and even though he’s reluctant to talk he’ll tell you what he knows if you use either Axii or Intimidation. He overheard a suspicious converstation between Stennis and a man called Olcan who was killed by Henselt earlier.

Speak with Cecil (#3) to find out where Olcan’s old house is located. You’ll find it at #4. Make your way over to the house and browse through his notes. He does have some schematics for a goblet. It was the one that was forged in the Suspect Thorak quest so you’ll need to solve that quest before solving this one.

Once you investigate Thorak and find Olcan’s Receipt in Thorak’s locker this quest will be completed and you’ll gain 1,000 experience points.

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