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  1. Projection Ring
  2. Baltimore’s Workshop
  3. Thorak
  4. Well
  5. Stone Gate
  6. Crossroads
  7. Runic Key
  8. Thorak’s Secret Workshop
  9. Cecil Burdon

During the quest Hunting Magic you’ll find a Magical Crystal that when viewed through the Projection Ring (1) will show Baltimore’s dream. When you get back to Vergen visit Baltimore’s Workshop (2) on the eastern side of the city. You’ll need a key to get inside so speak with the nearby dwarves, including Thorak (3), and they should give a Key to Baltimore’s Workshop.

There’s a few items to loot in the workshop but the main point of interest is a wall that can be destroyed with the Aard sign. Behind the wall you’ll find a Baltimore’s Directions and a Key.

When you leave the workshop Thorak will confront you because he heard a rumbling noise inside. You can either tell him the truth or keep the details to yourself. Either way read Baltimore’s notes which give you clues as to where to go next. The first clue is “Start looking at the well, where loud echoes dwell.” This is a reference to the Well (4) in the burned village.

The next clue is “Take ten paces t’wards the river, walk left and do not shiver. Meager two tens of paces, pass the gate in my good graces.” This should lead you towards the gate located at #5.

The next clue is “The one that out safety keeps. Go where the crossroads patron sleeps. Every road you need to take, yet the middle one is safe.” This will take you to the Shrine (6). From here follow the middle path which heads towards the quarry.

Use your medallion to reveal stones with engravings pointing to other stones and then finally to a Chest (7). “Heed and look for Ingrand’s signs and you’ll follow my designs.” The chest can be opened with the Key you found in Baltimore’s secret compartment. Inside is a Runic Key.

The next clue is “Should you choose to go right, you’ll soon see someone in plight. At noon this drowned soul, points its shadow at your goal.” Go back to the crossroads and take the path to the right leading to #8. Around midday the mast of the ship will point towards a passage concealed by leaves. Walk through to find Thorak’s Secret Workshop.

Having a look around you’ll some Runes, a Beaver Cap and Baltimore’s Notes. Once you’ve looted the notes Thorak will enter with a few of his dwarves. You can either hand him the note and complete the quest or refuse and fight him. It’s better to fight him as this helps with the Suspect Thorak quest.

Once the dwarves have been killed loot Thorak for Thorak’s Key which is used in the Suspect Thorak quest. Finally head back to Cecil Burdon (9) and give him the news. You’ll be given 60 Orens and the Gwyhyr, a steel sword, for your reward.

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