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To access the first Run and Gun level on Inkwell Isle 3 you’ll need to defeat the Honeycomb Herald level which will unlock the gates to Rugged Ridge.

Rugged Ridge takes place up in the mountains where you’ll have to jump across to pillars and golden scales. The scales will lower as you land on them and you’ll need to kill billy-goat enemies who throw pickaxes at you as you go. Before reaching the first Gold Coin #1 you’ll need to dodge past a few Evil Flames circling around.

Just past the first coin you’ll face a Cat Statue that breathes out air at you, preventing you from walking forwards. Shoot it until it breaks and then continue jumping from platform to platform. Gold Coin #2 can be found just under and to the right of a pillar just past the next golden scales.

Continue to the right until you come to a stone platform that acts like an escalator. It will descend down once you stand on it. Little Golems will rise up and attack you and a Baby Dragon will shoot fireballs at you. As you descend keep an eye out for Gold Coin #3 which will pass you by rather quickly towards the bottom of the escalator.

Once you reach the bottom continue to the right. Destroy the wall and then jump up to grab Gold Coin #4 under one of the arches.

Destroy another Cat Statue and wall and go through the arch to the last section. You’ll have to jump across a number of ledges while a Giant Cyclops stomps along behind you. Along the way you’ll have the chance to pick up the last coin, Gold Coin #5.

Continue jumping across the platforms until you reach the end of the level.

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