Main Day of the Tentacle Remastered Walkthrough


Walk up the stairs to the first level and enter the room with a W. There’s a television here. Turn it on to hear an ad about a diamond for two million dollars.

Walk down the stairs into the office and use the phone. The Swiss Bank account is empty so you’ll need to find some other way.

Head down to the basement and talk to Dr. Fred. Tell him “We HAVE to do something!” He’ll tell you that you need a diamond to fix it. Ask Dr. Fred “Why can’t we just fix the time machine?” He’ll tell you that it needs a whole new diamond and asks you where he can find the money. Say “I thought you were rich!” He mentions something about contract so respond “What contract?”

Say “Let’s go get the contract out of the safe and sign it!”

Dr. Fred can’t remember the combination to the safe so it’s up to you to figure it out.

Go into the kitchen and pick up the decaf coffee and the coffee. Go into the laundry and open the cabinet. Pick up the funnel.

Go back to the laboratory and use the decaf coffee with the mug. Dr. Fred falls asleep and walks out to open the safe.


Go up the stairs and up again the rear staircase. Enter the room opposite the horse. Use the left-handed hammer and replace it with the right-handed hammer. Ned will lose his touch and break the statue.


Go up the stairs and up the rear staircase. Enter the door on the left. Push Nurse Edna. She’ll go flying out of the room.

Use the video tape with the VCR to record Doctor Fred opening the safe. Look at the VCR. Press the red button to start the VCR recording. Then press the rewind button to rewind the tape to the beginning. Press the switch on the right to set it to slow motion and then play the recording in slow motion to read the combination 101 999 57.  Press the eject button to remove the tape from the VCR.

Walk back out of the room and go down the stairs to the office. Open the safe using the combination above. Pick up the contract.

Go back into the welcome room and climb up the fireplace. Enter the window to the left and pick up the rope. Climb out of the window again and use the rope with the pulley. Go down the chimney.

Walk out to the front of the mansion next to the mummy.


Give the red paint to Bernard.


Use the red paint with Dead Cousin Ted. Use the dangling rope with Dead Cousin Ted. Climb back up the chimney and pull the rope. You’ll fall down to the ground below.

Go back up the fireplace and use Ted with Doctor Fred.

Now use the rope with Doctor Fred and climb back out the window. Pull the rope again to rescue Doctor Fred. You’ll take him back to the laboratory. Use the funnel with Doctor Fred and then use the coffee with the funnel. He’ll spring back to life.

Speak with Doctor Fred. He doesn’t want to sign the contract because he hasn’t read it.

Tell him “Oh, forget it. I’ll get rid of Purple Tentacle myself!”

He’ll ask you how you plan on doing that. Say “I’m starting a petition to ban all tentacles.” He’ll sign the contract.

Go upstairs to the second floor and into the door on the right. Use the disappearing ink with the stamp album. You’ll get kicked out of the room and Weird Ed Edison will throw the album at you. Pick up the stamp and the stamp album. Enter the room once more and give him back the stamp album.

Give the stamp and signed contract to Hoagie.


Use the stamp with the signed contract and head out the front. Use the signed contract with the mailbox. The Swiss bank account will be credited with two million dollars.


Go to the office and use the phone. The diamond will be delivered immediately. Doctor Fred replaces the diamond in the time machine and Hogie and Laverne return to the present time.

Doctor Fred still needs to send you back to yesterday but before you can the evil Purple Tentacle and Green Tentacle use the capsules. The three take a single capsule back one day in time.

Purple Tentacle has brought back an army of his future selves. Find out how to defeat him in Saving the World (Part 7).