Main Day of the Tentacle Remastered Walkthrough

Now that we have the super-battery we need to get Hoagie’s capsule powered up.


Go up the stairs and into the first door. Push George’s bed to mess it up and then pull on the cord.  The cleaning lady will come in to clean up the mess. Go out the door and pick up the soap from the cart.

Day of the Tentacle Remastered SoapGo into the main hall, through the swinging door and through the door to the right. Use the bucket with the water pump to fill it up. Use the soap with the bucket to make soapy water.

Go outside to the dirty carriage and use the brush with the carriage. Hoagie will clean it up and a big storm will appear. Ben will walk back inside with his kite.


Open your inventory and give the Help Wanted Sign to Hoagie.


Head inside and go down the grandfather clock. Give the Help Wanted Sign to Red. Red will employ you and give you the lab coat. Go up the stairs and enter Ben Franklin’s room, third door at the end. Give him the lab coat and he’ll make a kite out of it.

Ben will get you to hold the kite. Use the battery with the kite before it starts flying. After it’s struck by lightning Ben will come and pick it up. The fully-charged battery will fall out. Pick it up, head back to the Chron-O-John and use the battery with the plug.

Now it’s time to restore power to Laverne’s Capsule (Part 5).