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Level 1-1: Tutorial

This island is a tutorial. Follow the instructions. Right-click to rotate world, scroll wheel to resize objects. Objects that can be resized have 3 sizes. Pick up objects with left-click.

For each island you’ll need to find the three pillars and place them on the square outlines. Place pillar #2 on the square. Rotate the world and grab the power units. Resize the generator to large. Place the power units on the generator and resize them so they fit.

The island under the generator will open. Grab the Turtle and the third pillar. Place it on the square with the power symbol to complete the island.


Level 1-2: Seaside

Rotate island and resize clam shell to large. It will open and reveal pillar #1. Resize moon to small to lower tide. Resize boat wreck to small. Grab chest and power unit.

Resize chest to large, grab second chest, resize second chest to large, grab third chest, resize third chest to large, grab pillar #2.

Place power unit in slot and resize. Boat will fall down from sky. Resize boat to large and grab pillar #3 from the crow’s nest.


Level 1-3: Desert

Resize palm tree to small. Water will evaporate and form a cloud. Resize cloud to large. Wind will blow away sand. Grab pillar #1 from in front of pyramid.

Grab large pillar and place it on left side of entrance. Tomb will open revealing pillar #2.

Look at symbols on pyramid and blocks on ground. Resize blocks on ground until the lower symbol is the same as the symbol on the pyramid. Should be cat, pyramid and eye symbols. top of pyramid will open revealing a turtle and pillar #3.


Level 1-4: Campsite

Enlarge tent and a fireplace will appear. Move fireplace around to melt the ice. You’ll find pillar #1 and a turtle hidden under the snow.

Resize fireplace to small. Grab box from tent. Enlarge box for pillar #2 and a horn. Enlarge horn to blow away rocks and a tree. Grab pillar #3.


Level 1-5: Seasons

Changing the size of the sun changes the season and also lowers blocks in one corner. Change to autumn, grab pillar #1. Change to spring and grab turtle from inside island.

Change to winter, enlarge snowball with two buttons on the front. Place second medium snowball on top and third small snowball at the very top to make a snowman. Change to autumn and snowman will melt. Grab hat and pillar #2 will fall out.

Enlarge tree in corner. Change to spring and bird will fly into tree. Change to winter and grab pillar #3 from nest.


Level 1-6: City

Rotate island so you can see the back. Resize manhole cover to small and it will fall in the hole. This unlocks Secret Island #7.

Enlarge pyramid building and a cloud will appear. Enlarge cloud and wind will blow. A hot air balloon will appear with pillar #1.

Enlarge wind turbine to power the island. Resize traffic light to small to turn the lights to gree. The car will drive out. Grab pillar #2 from the back of the truck.

Grab the coin and resize to large (3). Place it in the Bepsi slot. A Bepsi can will come out. Move it so the space in front of it is clear and enlarge. It will explode off the screen and come back with a turtle on it.

Grab a coin and resize to 2. Place it in the Bepsi slot for pillar #3.


Level 1-7: Themepark

Resize roller coaster tracks so the cart lands on the target. You’ll need to resize the third track after the cart lands on it. When the cart lands you can grab pillar #1.

Enlarge bin by chip shop for a balloon. Open colored chest and place two large balloons on the hexagon outlines. The chest will float revealing pillar #2 and a weight underneath.

Enlarge bin in corner for the turtle. Grab the weight and enlarge. Drop the weight on the red button. Pillar #3 will drop down.

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