If you stay in the same location for too long the WD40 droid will appear and start shooting at you. Move quickly to the west and then east. Climb onto the branch all the way to the end. The branch will break off and you’ll drop into the water with it.

Pick up the Branch and walk to the west again. Go east and this time climb through the log to the other side. Use the Branch to knock the bananas. When they swing close to you grab a Banana.

Climb through the log and go to the west. Enter the cave on the left. Enter the cave on the left and then jump across the gap up the top. Climb up to the top of the rocks and when the WD40 droid walks through the cave use the Branch on the rock at the top to bowl her over.

Make your way back down the cliff to the pool where you started. The WD40 droid has had it’s cloaking device destroyed but it’s still alive.

Walk to the west, east and then climb into the log. Wait until the WD40 droid lands on top of the log and then use the Banana in the exhaust pipe of WD40. She’ll fly off and explode.

Pick up the WD40 Head to the left and then go back to the starting pool. Cliffy arrives and will beam you back to the Eureka.

At some stage Spike will come out and Roger will grab him. You can go out and come back into the engineering room until you catch Spike. You’ll need to catch him before continuing to the next location or he’ll put too many holes in the Eureka. Put Spike in the Containment Tank and then place the Antacids in the tank with him to calm him down.

If Cliffy hasn’t beamed back leave the engineering room and return. Cliffy will hand you a Remote Control. Use the teleporter to beam back down to the planet. Cliffy will come with you.

Use the Remote Control on yourself to open WD40’s ship and hop on board. Open the panel on the right side to access the cloaking device. Here’s how you unlock the device.

Open the top latch
Open the bottom latch
Turn the top left dial
Turn the bottom right dial
Open the top left hatch
Open the bottom left hatch
Turn the bottom left dial
Turn the top right dial
Open the top right panel
Open the bottom left panel

Wait for the cloaking device to be released and then grab the Cloaking Device. Leave the ship as quickly as you can and you’ll be returned to the Eureka.

Go to the Bridge and lay in a course for The Spacebar (#69869). Go to lite speed. When you get close drop down to regular speed and then go into standard orbit. Head to the engineering room and teleport into The Spacebar.

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