After beaming down Roger will get mixed up with a fly. Roger’s body will run off. Keep flying next to the Communicator until the frog jumps out of the pond and turns it on. Land on the communicator and talk into it. Flo will let Cliffy know there’s a problem with the teleporter.

Fly to the west and then enter the card slot. Walk through¬†all of the beams and take note of which ones activate the locking mechanism and which ones don’t. Walk through to the other side and into the lab.

Fly down to the computer console and go through all of the menus. Roger will figure out where his body is as well as other important information regarding the mutations.

Leave the lab and fly up to Cliffy. Fly to the east and then behind the hill to the north. Cliffy will put Roger back together with his body. Head back to the entrance to the lab and WD40 will give you back your Communicator.

Open your inventory and use the Hole Punch with the Business Card. Punch a hole in the top left, top right, center, bottom left and bottom right locations, to make an X. Use the Business Card on the card slot to open the secret entrance into the laboratory.

Click on the black button at the bottom of the stairs and take the Liquid Nitrogen Cannisters and then leave the laboratory. Tell Cliffy you want to beam back to the Eureka.

After Spikes little performance explain to Cliffy what Spike is trying to say and then defrost Bea for 10 seconds. Take her out of the cryo chamber and place her on the teleporter pad. Cliffy will use the teleporter beam to remove the mutagen.

Talk to WD40 who will recommend trying to get aboard the Goliath. Go to the bridge and lay in a course for the Goliath (#81100). Go to lite speed, regular speed and then press the green button to speak with engineering. Tell Cliffy to cloak the ship.

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