Rebuilt Jedi Enclave

After having completed all of the planets and finishing the Master of the Palace quest you’ll need to talk to Kreia and she’ll tell you about the Jedi Enclave being rebuilt on Dantooine. The entrance to the Jedi Courtyard is from the Enclave Courtyard. Once you enter you’ll trigger the end-game path so make sure you’ve finished all of the other quests that you want to complete before coming here.

1) Exit to Enclave Courtyard

2) Jedi Council – As you make your way to the Jedi Council Kreia will wait in the courtyard. Continue to the council and speak with the Jedi. If you follow the Light Side you’ll be punished by the Council. Kreia will rescue her and teach you the Force Enlightenment power. You’ll need to follow her to the Secret Academy on Telos.

If you follow the Dark Side you may find some of the Jedi Masters missing if you’ve already dealt with them. If not, you may have a fight on your hands. Either way, Kreia will come and teaach the the Force Crush power.

Secret Academy

Once you arrive at the Secret Academy make your way towards Atris’ Meditation Chamber on the eastern side of the map. The door will now be open so you can get through and talk to Atris.

No matter what you say you’ll do battle with her so get ready for a fairly tough fight. Once you’ve beaten her you may be able to save her or just finish her. She’ll give you some information about Kreia as well. Once you finish speaking with Atris you’ll fly to Citadel Station.

Residential 082 West

You will land on the Citadel Station. You’re ultimate goal is to make your way to the Docking Bay and take a transport to the Ravager. The path is fairly linear and you’ve been to these modules before so I won’t bother putting up a map.

Captain Riiken is in the large room to the south if you didn’t kill him earlier. He’ll give you an optional quest to block the Sith attempts to sabotage the fuel station. All you need to do is defeat all your Sith along the way, which is what you’ll be doing anyway.

Make your way to the exit in the north east part of the area. This will take you to the Residential 082 East module.

Residential 082 East

The TSF are here fighting with the Sith. Help them by taking out the Sith and then continue to the east to find the exit to the Entertainment 081 module. All other doors in this area are locked.

Entertainment 081

1) Exit to Residential 082 East

2) Workbench – If you want to make some final upgrades you’ll find a Workbench here along with a number of Sith.

3) TSF Office – The Sith have taken control of the TSF Office. Help them blast past the Sith forces which will include Sith Commandos and a Dark Jedi Apprentice.

4) Transport to Ravager – Reaching the transport is your objective for this section. Visas will ask to go with you and bringing her along is highly recommended for her force powers.

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