When you enter the New Narakort Inn (#1) you’ll find Patrick de Weyze sitting at one of the tables. Talk to him to find out his sister is missing. He’ll describe her as being a slim blonde with azure eyes. She also has a recent wound on her neck If you’ve been to the House of the Night (#2) you’ll know that a blue-eyed girl is there and seems to fit the description of his sister.

In order to make sure the Blue-Eyed Girl is really Patrick’s sister you’ll have to sleep with her. You can do this by paying her 500 Orens or 300 Orens if you have the House of the Night Signet Ring or by giving her a Sapphire. The House of the Night Signet Ring comes from Erkyn Blunt in the upstairs area of the New Narakort Inn and the Sapphire can be purchased from one of the merchants in the Martketplace (#3).

It appears this girl is Patrick’s sister but to be sure you’ll want to talk to the Lady of the Night upstairs but a Guard is blocking the way. You can either show him the House of the Night Signet Ring, bribe him with Fisstech or 250 Orens or box him.

When you talk to the Lady she tells you that the Blue-Eyed Lass wants to be here and lives like a princess. You’ll also discover that they are Vampires. You’ll have a choice to sleep with them or kill them. I opted for the first option!

During the fun with the girls Patrick arrives with some of his Guards. They’ll demand that his sister be released but she doesn’t want to go. If you side with Patrick now you’ll have to fight the Vampires and if you side with the Vampires you’ll have to fight Patrick and his men. Either way you’ll pick up a lot of experience points and the quest will be complete.

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