The Chapter 3 contracts can be found by looking at the notice board outside of the New Narakort Inn. There are 7 optional new contracts to complete and for many of them you’ll need to take a trip to the Swamp Forest.

Archespore Contract

Jethro, who normally resides in the prison, wants 3 Vials of Archepsore Juice. These creatures can be found in the Swamp Forest, although they can be hard to find. Some people claim that Archespores are more likely to be encountered at night. Once you have the juice bring it back to Jethro for your reward of 200 Orens.

Cockatrice Contract

A Scribe at the Town Hall would like 5 Cockatrice Feathers. Cockatrices can be found in the Cave in the Swamp Forest. Take the feathers and bring them back to the Scribe for your reward of 200 Orens.

Fleder Contract

Velerad can be found in the Order Watchtower and he has put out a contract for 3 Fleder Fangs. Fleders can sometimes be found in the Cemetery, in the Swamp Forest and Temple Quarter at night. The best place to find them will be in the Warehouse during the Gold Rush quest. Bring the fangs back to Velerad for your reward of 250 Orens.

Ghoul Contract

Velerad is also looking for 12 Vials of Ghoul Blood. Ghouls can be found in the Cemetery at night. Bring the blood back to Velerad for your reward of 150 Orens.

Gravier Contract

Velerad has also put out a contract for 5 Gravier Bones. There are a few places you can find Graviers including the Crypt in the Sewers, the Swamp Forest and the Cemetery. Bring the bones back to Velerad for your reward of 200 Orens.

Kikimore Contract

The last contract that Velerad has placed is for 10 Kikimore Claws. Kikimores can be found in the Trade Quarter late at night and also in the Swamp Forest. Once you’ve collected the 10 claws bring them back to Velerad to be rewarded with 200 Orens.

Wyvern Contract

The Innkeeper is looky for some fresh tasty meat and wants you to deliver 3 Wyvern Meat to him at the New Narakort Inn. Wyverns can be found on the small island in the northern section of the Swamp Forest. Bring the meat back to the Innkeeper for a reward of 200 Orens.

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