Once you’ve completed the Reaping Time quest return to Vaska (#1) for Diplomacy and Hunting. You’ll need to kill the head of the Salamandra camp in the Swamp Forest, Roland Bleinheim. The camp is located at the old non-human training camp (#2). You can either go and kill them straight away although it’s a difficult task. For an easier path head over to the Heirophant in the Druid’s Grove (#3).

The Heirophant agrees to help you kill the leader of the Salamandra if you can bring him some Psilocybe which can be found in the Cave (#4). After returning with the goods he’ll lure Roland away from the camp to a Meeting Place (#5). The druid will slowly walk to the meeting place with a couple of Wyverns by his side. Make your way to the meeting place and kill Roland and his guards. Search the corpse to find anĀ Encrypted Document, a Royal Letter of Safe Conduct and the Werewolf’s Wrath Scroll. This ends the quest.

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