In Chapter 3 a dwarf dentist by the name of Zahin Schmartz will move into what used to be the Detective’s House in the Temple Quarter. You can also find him standing around with the other vendor’s on Merchant Street during the day.

What will the Dentist Purchase?

Barghest Teeth – The dentist will purchase Barghest Skulls from you for 50 Orens.

Beast Fangs – A Beast Fang will also net you 50 Orens.

Cemetaur Jaw – Bring him a Cemetaur Jaw and the dentist will reward you with 150 Orens.

Fleder Fangs – Fleder Fangs can also be sold for 100 Orens.

Devourer Teeth – The dentist is interested in Devourer Teeth and will give you 125 Orens for them.

Alp Fangs – Alp Fangs are quite unusual and the dentist will purchase them for 150 Orens.

The Boxer’s Tooth – I don’t know why this tooth is so interesting but the Dentist is prepared to pay 250 Orens for the tooth of this famous boxer. You can find him in Chapter 5 at the Abandoned Executioner’s Tower in Old Vizima.

Once you give the Dentist enough specimens he will reward you with the best Steel Sword in the game, the Mahakaman Rune Sihill.

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