This quest is given by Triss at the beginning of the chapter. She’s noticed a strange magic anomaly and wants you to place 3 Sensors around the city to discover its source.

You’ll need to place the Sensors on the reliefs that you can find throughout town. One in the Temple Quarter, one in the Cemetery and one in the Trade Quarter. Your map will point the way to each location.

Return to Triss and let her know the sensors have been placed. She’ll tell you about Alvin and how he must be brought back to Triss for his own safety. Alvin is being kept in St. Lebioda’s Hospital with Shani. Leave the house and head to the Temple Quarter. Once you get there Shani will approach and tell you that she wants the child to stay with her. It seems Geralt has a difficult choice to make and whatever you do you’ll upset someone.

As you approach St. Lebioda’s Hospital you’ll find Dandelion instead of Alvin. The child has been kidnapped by the Salamandra but luckily Dandelion saw where they went.

Follow Dandelion to the Salamandra Hideout which is located just to the west of the Dwarven Blacksmith Workshop. Enter and kill the Salamandra thugs. When Dandelion enters you’ll have to make your choice. Triss or Shani? Dandelion will take Alvin to the lady you choose before more Salamandra assassins enter. Take them out and then head back to either Triss or Shani.

Giving Alvin to Triss

Make your way to Triss’ House during the daytime and speak with her. She wants you to speak with Shani and tell her about the situation. When you come out Dandelion will meet you and he and Zoltan will drink with you to ease your troubled mind. You’ll end up drunk back at Triss’ House. You’ll still need to let Shani know what you’ve done with Alvin so don’t expect a pleasant conversation.

Giving Alvin to Shani

Head to Shani’s House to make sure Alvin is alright. Just like Triss, Shani wants you to visit Triss and to tell her to leave Alvin alone. As you leave the house you’ll be dragged off to the Inn with your friends who get you thoroughly drunk. In this case you’ll be dropped back off at Shani’s house. You’ll still need to let Triss know that you’ve taken Alvin to Shani’s and it’s not wise to upset a Sorceress.

A Lady’s Love

Whichever lady you choose you’ll need to show your commitment to them. Shani wants you to spend time with Alvin. You can do this by giving him some Candy, teaching him to swordfight or promising to buy him a dog. Next you’ll need to give Shani a Silver Amber Ring or something similar before she shows you her love.

Triss wants you to show Alvin some discipline. So spend some time with the boy but don’t indulge him too much. Triss likes silver so give her a Silver Ring to win her over. The decision to give Alvin to either Shani or Triss will have repercussions throughout the rest of the game.

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