At the beginning of Chapter 4 you’ll be teleported off to a new location, the Lakeside and Murky Waters village. There’s a few new enemies here that you haven’t faced before, including Basilisks and Giant Centipedes. The Country Inn can be found to the south west of the Murky Waters village and this is where the notice board is located.

Alp Contract

The Village Chief, Tobias Hoffman, wants you to bring him 5 Alp Fangs. Alps can be found in the Fields and also the Crypts in the Lakeside. Once you have the 5 fangs bring them back to Tobias in the Murky Waters village for a reward of 250 Orens.

Basilisk Contract

Julian at the Country Inn would like 3 Basilisk Hides. They can be found on the western side of Black Tern Island. Kill the Basilisks and bring back their hides for Julian for your reward of 250 Orens.

Devourer Contract

Either Abigail, if you saved her in a previous chapter, or a Healer, wants 10 Devourer Teeth delivered to the healer’s hut. Devourers can only be found at night in the Murky Waters and the Fields. Bring the teeth back to the Healer/Abigail for a reward of 150 Orens.

Giant Centipede Contract

The Elven Craftsman at the Elven Camp at the Lakeside would like 4 Chitinous Carapaces which can be found by killing Giant Centipedes. These centipedes can be found in Murkey Waters near to the ruins. They usually appear in groups of three so be prepared for a fight. Bring back the carapaces to the Elven Craftsman for a reward of 250 Orens.

Royal Wyvern Contract

The Male Innkeeper at the Country Inn would like 3 Wyvern Eggs. These eggs can only be looted from Royal Wyverns which can be found on Black Tern Island. Occasionally you’ll also find Royal Wyverns out in the Fields. Bring the eggs back to the Innkeeper for a reward of 250 Orens.

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