Enter the Blacksmith’s house on the southern side of the Murky Water’s village and ask the wife about work. She tells you that her husband has been having a good time with a succubus at night and wants you to bring her 9 handfuls of Shimmering Dust so that she can use it to drive the succubus away.

When you leave the house the Blacksmith will give you an offer of his own. He wants you to find 9 handfuls of Shadow Dust to put the succubus to sleep. This will trick his wife into thinking the succubus has gone.

Shimmering Dust can be found by killing Noonwraiths in the Fields during the day and Shadow Dust can be found by killing Devourers in the Fields at night.

If you finish the quest for the Blacksmith’s wife then she’ll give you the book ‘Plants of the Barren Lands‘. If you finish the quest for the Blacksmith he’ll give you a choice of either 500 Orens or a Red Meteorite.

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