Ultima II: The Revenge of the Enchantress is the second in the series and takes the hero through various time periods on Earth. It combines a mix of fantasy and sci-fi elements.

The Enchantress Minax was the lover of Mondain, who you killed at the end of Ultima I. She’s manipulating the timeline to destroy the Earth. You must travel through the timegates to figure out what’s happening and stop Minax before it’s too late.

The Enchantress Minax can only be defeated by wielding the Quicksword. You’ll also need to Force Field Ring to travel back to the Time of Legends and confront her. The walkthrough below will take you through everything you need to do to successfully make it through this game.

Ultima II Walkthrough

Character Creation
1423 B.C.
1990 A.D.
Pangea Age
2112 A.D.
Time of Legends

Ultima II Keyboard Commands

A – Attack, you must indicate a direction.
B – Board a ship or mount a horse.
C – Cast a spell. You must prepare it first using Magic.
D – Descend a level in a dungeon or tower.
E – Enter a landmark or read a sign.
F – Fire you ship’s guns, when you have one.
G – Get an item. You must be standing on it.
H – Hyperspace to the coordinates you specify once you have a spaceship.
I – Ignite a torch. Necessary for navigating through dungeons and towers.
J – Jump up and down. Useless except for letting off steam.
K – Climb a level of a dungeon or tower.
L – Launch a plane or rocket or land. You can only land on grass tiles.
M – Magic. Ready a magic spell for casting.
N – Negate the passage of time for all things further away than one square. You need a specific item to do this.
O – Offer gold to make payment or to give a bribe.
Q – Quit and save your game. You can only save the game while on foot and while outside on Earth.
R – Ready a weapon.
S – Steal from a store.
T – Transact with a business or start a conversation.
U – Unlock a door if you have the key.
V – View. Toggles between normal and bird’s-eye view of town or planet.
W – Wear a suit of armour.
X- eXit or dismount and continue on foot.
Y – Yell anything you want. Useless except for letting off steam.
Z – Stats. See you current attributes, items and spells.
SPACEBAR – Skip a turn. Time will pass and you’ll still eat.

Ultima II: The Revenge of the Enchantress was released in 1982 for the Apple II. It’s the second in the “Age of Darkness” trilogy. The game was developed by Richard Garriott and published by Sierra On-Line. Due to the success of the game Richard Garriott was able to start his own company, Origin Systems.