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Foreign Shore

During the cut-scene Yarny is thrown off a boat during a storm. Cutting the thread to save himself Yarny loses his spark. Once on dry land he meets a little blue Yarny and the two of them join together.

You can switch between characters at any time by pressing Y on your controller. You can also carry the other character by standing close to them and holding down Y. There are 2 collectibles for this chapter but you pick them up automatically at the beginning and end of the chapter.

The first chapter is mostly a tutorial. Follow the spark across to the right. Push the wooden block to the right so you can jump over the small post. Wait for the spark to destroy the branch so you can climb over the small hill. Have one Yarny push the branch up will the other Yarny climbs over it.

The spark will destroy the fence so you can continue on your way to the right. When you jump on the suitcase the game will tell you that you can change the look of your character from the menu. When you save new Yarnys in the puzzle levels you’ll be given new customization options.

Continue following the spark to the right and complete the small tutorial puzzles as you go. If you haven’t played Unravel you’ll learn the basic game mechanics such as how to use your lasso. The spark will show you the path you need to take.

When you reach the branch balancing on a rock you’ll need to separate your two Yarnys. Have one lasso and dangle from the left side to lift up the right side of the branch. The second Yarny can jump up and make it to the top of the branch. The first Yarny can now drop down while the second Yarny stands on the left side to keep the branch down. Now bring the first Yarny up the right side to the top of the branch.

Weave together the two Yarnys and follow the spark to the right. When you’re learning how to climb you’ll come to a section with an attach point. Drop down under the thin branch and lasso the attach point as you’re falling. Then swing up to the next climb point.

For the next section attach the yarn to the 2 attach points to form a bridge. Jump twice on the bridge for a large jump up to the thin branch.

Undo the knots by tapping B on your controller and jump your way up the rocks. For the next puzzle you’ll need to make a bridge as before and then push the broken bit of the branch over the bridge so you can jump up the rock. Push the branch forwards first so you can reach the second attach point and then push it back again and over the bridge. If your run out of yarn use the second Yarny to push the branch.

When you come to the gap between the rocks have each of your Yarnys build a bridge. You should now be able to jump up to the thin branch above.

Slide down the rock to the right and your two Yarnys will each fall down on a different side of a rock. They’ll be dangling there because the yarn is too short. Have one of them climb up and drop down the other side.

Follow the spark to the end of a thin branch. Have one of your Yarnys swing under the other and swing across to the rock on the other side. Switch characters and bring the other Yarny across.

Swing across the next few rocks and continue to the end of the thing branch to the right. Swing a Yarny across to the vines to the right and swing the other across to the other side.

Follow the spark and once more swing across to the right. This time you’ll need to swing under a rock. Bring the other Yarny across and combine them together. Follow the spark through the brick wall and swim through the water.

Climb up the vines onto the brick and jump off the wall to lasso the attach point. Swing across to the vines and jump up the wall on the left side. Jump across to the right as close as you can to the dangling bucket and lasso the attach point.

Swing over to the vines on the right. Climb up the vines and then jump into the bucket. The spark will release a mechanism that brings the bucket up the well to the outside world. Climb up the steps to the right and enter the lighthouse to end the chapter. The Lighthouse is the level hub for Unravel 2.

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