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Make your way to the right for your first puzzle. There are two knobs on cords and you need to take both Yarnys to the sparlky spots. Have the first Yarny jump over the second knob and the first Yarny push the first knob all the way to the left. The second Yarny can then swing across to the left stump, drop down and hold the left knob.

Switch to the second Yarny, lasso the second knob and swing over to the right sparlke spot. The first Yarny can then climb back up to the sparkle spot on the stump.

Follow the Wisp through the hole in the tree to the right. Lasso the attach point on the top of the small stone wall. A stone will fall down. Push the stone over to the left and then make a bridge between the two attach points. Push the stone up the bridge to the top.

Push the stone over the edge to break the planks. Separate the Yarnys and have one stand on one edge of the plank to lift up the other side. The other Yarny can walk to the other edge and jump up to lasso the branch above.

Bring the other Yarny up and merge them together. You can now start swinging up to the next branch up to the left. Make another 3 or 4 swings until you reach the Wisp. Enter the tree and climb up the inside.

Jump the rest of the way up and then start swinging your way to the right. About half way down there’s a small hole in the tree where you can pick up Spark #1.

Slide the rest of the way down and follow the Wisp to the right. Run through the hollow tree to the end where you’ll find Spark #2.

Run back through the tree, jump off the stone at the base and lasso the attach point at the end of a root. Walk along the top of the tree and drop down the other side. Jump between the wooden fence and the brick wall to knock it over. Push the brick up the first plank and then up the second. The second plank will lift up so you can up between it and the next brick wall all the way to the top.

Drop down the other side and then follow the Wisp up the broken steps. Jump off the wall to grab the first attach point. Swing up to grab the second attach point and then swing over to the brick wall on the right.

Jump off the next brick wall to the attach point on the plank and swing around to the top of it. Separate the Yarnys and send one down the other side of the brick wall. Swing over to the attach point and lasso it.

Swing around to the two wooden planks above, and then off the tree to the higher plank. Jump onto the wall to the right and then swing across to the other wall and follow the Wisp through the hole.

Push the reel under the branch to the left and then up the branch until it tilts down to the right. Separate one Yarny and have him climb up to the left and lasso the branch above.

From here swing across to the right, pull up the other Yarny and follow the Wisp. For the next section take turns swinging the Yarnys across the platforms to the other side.

Go through the hole in the log and drop down. There’s an attach point just by a stone. Keep one Yarny on the branch above and dangle the other Yarny down to lasso the attach point. Pull on the attach point to free the rock and then quickly climb back up . The rock will roll down and knock over a tree.

Follow the Wisp across the river and through another hollow log. Enter the next hollow stump. Climb up halfway and jump off the stump or swing one Yarny up to grab the branch above.

Swing across to the top of the stump and pull the other Yarny up. Make a couple of swings across the branches to the right to make it over the small boat and then follow the Wisp by jumping across the lily pads.

When you get to the center of the pond jump off the stump and lasso the branch above. Swing across to the next branch and then over to the lily pads on the other side.

Continue jumping and swinging across the pond. When you get to the end if you push against the stump it will fall over, allowing you to walk across it to the other side.

When you get to the next pond area jump onto the fish and quickly over to the next lily pad. This time you’ll need to dodge the fish and wait for it to be in the right position so you can make the final jump.

When you make it to the broken branch separate the Yarnys and have the first Yarny attach to the branch and pull it back. The second Yarny can drop over the edge and swing to Spark #3. Swing to the other side and bring the first Yarny across.

Make your way across the next set of lily pads, watching out for the fish along the way. Some sections you’ll need to swing across. When you get to the two posts sticking out of the water lasso onto them and tie knots to make a rope bridge. Jump up to grab Spark #4 between them.

Continue to the right to make it to the boat and jetty. Continue to the right and jump over the top of the BBQ and then push the loose brick onto the planks below. Some of the planks will break. Separate the Yarnys, leave on on the left side of the plank and use the other to push the brick to the other side.

The first Yarny will be flung up into the air and land on the flag pole. Swing the other Yarny through the hole in the door.

You’ll land in a room with a bench on the right and some kind of device to the left. Jump up the left side and then push the block onto the floor. Make a bridge between the floor and the device and push the block up to the device.

Jump across to the bench and make another bridge. Push the block up to the bench. Remove the lassos and place one Yarny on the left side of the plank. Push the block off the bench onto the plank to make the other Yarny fly through the air. Bring the Yarnys together and run through the hole in the wall. Follow the Wisp to the lake to complete the chapter.

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