Sneak Attack – After infiltrating the Dreadlord’s base you’ll have 8 minutes to do as much damage as you can before the enemy wake up.

Detheroc – You’ll need to destroy both Dethoroc’s base and Garithos’ base to complete this mission.


Dreadlord’s Fall Walkthrough

Sneak Attack – This mission is a rush from the beginning as you only have 8 minutes to try to decimate as much of one or both bases as you can. The easiest way to complete this mission is to focus all of your attention on wiping out Garithos first. I found Dethoroc’s base too large to annihilate completely in 8 minutes.

Bring all your units to Garithos base and use your Banshees to possess the any Knights and Mortar Teams. Destroy the Barracks, Castle and the Altar so that Garithos can’t respawn. You should have enough time to wipe out both of Garithos camps. Bring an Acolyte down to haunt the gold mine and another to build defensive Spirit Towers around it. After the 8 minutes is up Garithos will bring all his units to attack you so make sure you have the towers up by then and keep some units on hand to help protect your new base.

Detheroc – Now that you have Garithos wiped out and have two bases established you can take your time. There is another Gold Mine to the north west of the map if you need the extra credits. Dethoroc has a stronger base but it shouldn’t be a problem if you build up a full force of units. You can use Frost Wyrms, Abominations and a few Banshees to make sure the job gets done. Wipe out all of Detheroc’s main buildings to complete the mission.

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