Varimathras – Destroy the red Undead base.

Ogre Warlord (Optional) – Possess the Warlord Ogre Mug’Thol and all of his minions will follow you as well.

Bandit Lord (Optional) – Possess the Bandit Lord Blackthorn and all of his followers will follow you as well.



The Dark Lady Walkthrough

In this mission you control Sylvanas and the Banshees. You won’t be able to take out the red base on your own but there are many units around the map that you can convert to your side using the Banshees.

Make sure you keep producing Banshees as you use them up once you possess and enemy. You’ll also have access to a new unit, the Obsidian Statue, which can regenerate the health or mana of nearby units.

Ogre Warlord – In the top left of the map is an Ogre camp with the Ogre Warlod Mug’Thol. Bring a group of Banshees to possess him and once you’re successful all of the other Ogres will join your side as well.

If you’re running low on gold there is a Gold Mine next to a Gnoll camp in the south western corner of the map. Once you have the Ogres you should be strong enough to take over the purple Undead base in the south east which also has a Gold Mine.

Bandit Lord – Another optional quest to get more units. Send your Banshees across the bridge. Head directly for the Bandit Lord as once you have him all of his followers will be loyal to you as well.

Now that you’ve converted everyone to your side it’s time to steam roll over the red base. You probably have around 3 full groups of units. Send them all to the red base and sit back as they lay waste to the entire camp.

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