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Port Hedland 1

Port Hedland 1In the first Port Hedland mission you’ll be escorting a Drayman back to the Tiger’s Claw. There are a number of Kilrathi heavy fighters trying to take it out so stay close to her. You’ll be flying a Scimitar with Knight as your wingman.

Briefing: You’ll head straight for Nav 1 — the Drayman’s jump point. Wait for her there, but be careful.. we’ve had reports of heavy enemy activity in the area. The ‘sport has orders to make a beeline for the Tiger’s Claw. Stay with her. Simple as that.

Nav 1 – Once your arrive at Nav 1 you’ll have a few minutes to take out as many of the 4 Jalthi here as you can before the Drayman arrives.

Back to the Tiger’s Claw – On the way back you’ll run into 3 Gratha. Use your boost to get up close and fire away until you can take one of them down with a heatseeker missile. Rinse and repeat for the other two.

Port Hedland 2

Port Hedland 2The second mission is a patrol mission looking for enemy Kilrathi at each of the four nav points.

Briefing: You’ll pass through each Nav Point, checking for enemy activity. There’s a field of what looks like asteroids around Nav 2 and another at Nav 4.

Nav 1 – 3 Dralthi.

Nav 2 – There’s a mine field here which you can largely avoid if you stay on the north side of the nav point.

Nav 3 – This is the big fight. A Fralthi capship supported by 3 Gratha heavy fighters. Stay out of range of the capship while you take out the fighter support. Then focus on one side of the Fralthi to whittle away its shields and destroy it.

Port Hedland 3

Port Hedland 3This is one hell of a mission. First you need to defend the Tiger’s Claw from heavy Jalthi fighters, then protect the Exeter from being destroyed and lastly make a run on the Kilrathi capship.

Briefing: First, you’ll need to assist in the defense of the Tiger’s Claw. We’ll have two more Scims in space before you but there are four Jalthi closing with the Claw, so it won’t be easy. When you’ve cleaned up the Jalthi, move on to Nav 1 where you’ll help defend one of our Exeters against a wing of Gratha. If you’re still in good enough shape after turning the Gratha away I want you to fly on to Nav 2, the last known fix on this Fralthi. Take a crack at her, if you can, but try not to get yourself killed.

Tiger’s Claw – The Claw will be attacked by a squadron of 4 Jalthi led by Baktosh Redclaw. Leave him for last because all of the Jalthi will be headed straight for the Tiger’s Claw.

Nav 1 – Defend the Exeter from 4 Gratha.

Nav 2 – Take out the 4 Krant fighter support and then destroy the Fralthi Capship. Not an easy task and I hope you’ve still got some missiles left.

Success: Rostov System

Failure: Hubble’s Star