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Hell’s Kitchen 1

Hell's KitchenOnce you get to Hell’s Kitchen unfortunately there’s no way for you to win the game. In the first mission you’ll be meeting the Drayman which is jumping in. Protect it and bring it back to the Tiger’s Claw.

Briefing: You’ll fly to Nav 1 to meet a Drayman jumping in from Chengdu. Bring her straight back here to the Claw. She’ll be heavy with passengers, so she’ll be moving slow.

Before Rendezvous – Before you get to nav 1 you’ll encounter 4 Salthi.

Nav 1 – Before the Drayman arrives you’ll meet the first wave of Kilrathi, 4 Krant. During the second wave the Drayman arrives and you’ll face off against Khajja in a Krant. Lastly you’ll be attacked by 4 Gratha. Protect the Drayman and bring her safely back to the Tiger’s Claw.

Hell’s Kitchen 2

Hell's Kitchen 2Fly through, or around, a minefield before taking out one of the Kilrathi capital ships.

Briefing: They’re circling a point here, at Nav 1. It looks like they’re waiting for something to jump in. It could be just a tanker or a ‘sport but it might be the first of the Kilrathi warships from Planck’s.

Mine Field – Inside the mine field you’ll be ambushed by 3 Salthi.

Nav 1 – The Kilrathi capital ship, a Fralthi, is here escorted by 4 Gratha. In the second wave another 2 Gratha will arrive.

Hell’s Kitchen 3

Hell's Kitchen 3This is the last mission in the losing stream. You’ll have to defend the Exeter against Kilrathi fighters.

Briefing: The Exeter is currently at Nav 1. You’ll head straight for her, and help in her defense. She’s under attack by at least four Dralthi apparantly led by the Deathstroke, Dakhath. So I want you to get over to that Exeter as fast as you can. If you’re intercepted, simply evade and proceed to Nav 1. You are not to engage any enemy vessels en route, understand?

Mine Field – Before reaching the Exeter you’ll fly through a mine field and run into 5 Salthi.

Nav 1 – The Exeter is under attack so afterburn towards the 4 Dralthi as fast as you can to rescue her.

Success: You Lose!

Failure: You Lose!