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  1. Kimbolt
  2. Scribe’s Chamber
  3. Constable John Natalis

This quest initiates after you finish Crown Witness with Roche’s informant, Brigita. She claims that Kimbolt changed the route for the royal children which led to them being captured. Make your way to Kimbolt (1) and question him about it. You have the choice of giving the letter to his scribe so that he can look into it or take it to the constable, John Natalis, so that Kimbolt can be charged.

To test the authenticity of the letter take it to the scribe in the Scribe’s Chamber (2). Pick up the Notes from the shelves and solve the puzzle to make the correct formula. The steps you need to take in order are “Add burnt lime to the flask”, “Add water to the flask”, “Add cormorant guano to the flask” and lastly “Heat the flask, capture the vapors and douse them with water”.

Luckily you tested the authenticity of the letter because as it turns out the letter is a fake. Return to Kimbolt for another quest, The Messenger. This also opens up Pacta Sunt Servanda.

Gather information by doing those two side quests and when you have enough information on both Maravel and Kimbolt return to John Natalis (3) and give him the information.

If you take the other option and hand the letter in to John Natalis instead of testing its authenticity the quest will end and you’ll receive 250 experience points.

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