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  1. Starting Location for Chapter 3
  2. Vantage Point overlooking Loc Muinne
  3. Discussion with Roche
  4. Knights of the Flaming Rose
  5. Entrance to Loc Muinne
  6. Roche
  7. Entrance to Redanian Quarter
  8. Radovid

For Temeria! is the quest that opens the third chapter if you’re following Roche’s path. You begin (1) in the forests east of Loc Muinne. Take a breath at the vantage point (2) if you want to get a good look at the monuments of Loc Muinne. Once you reach #3 you’ll stop to have a discussion with Roche. There are Knights of the Flaming Rose just ahead at #4 who came here with Radovid.

Roche advises you not to make too much of a scene in the knights camp but you can wander around wherever you want and even loot their crates. Speak with Roche again and he’ll tell you to go and speak with Radovid before convincing the guards to let you through to the city.

The guards are unhappy about letting you live, considering you killed their Grandmaster back in The Witcher but they respect Roche so let you through. Enter the city at #5 and Roche will be waiting for you at #6.

Before meeting Roche it’s best to complete any of the side quests you want and explore around the ruined city. You’ll want to upgrade your weapons and armor before continuing.

Once you’re ready to continue meet Roche (6) and the both of you will visit Radovid (8), the king of Redania. He’ll tell you why he’s brought his knights here and why the Nilfgaard’s are here as well. They want to have a say in the treaties so they turn out favorably for their Emperor.

King Radovid comes up with a plan to rescue Anais from the Kaedwenis. She’s being held by Dethmold. Once you leave the Redanian Quarters (7) you’ll have a decision to make. Save Triss or Anais. If you go after Triss move on to Where is Triss Merigold?. If you save Anais continue to Of His Blood and Bone.

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