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  1. Roche and Brigita
  2. Loc Muine Gate
  3. Forest Entrance

Crown Witness is exclusive to Roche’s path in Chapter 3 and begins after you finish negotiations with King Radovid. At #1 you’ll witness a confrontation between Roche and Brigita. You can choose to escort her to safety or leave and come back later. When you’re ready tell her you’re ready to go and you’ll start out in front of the Main Gates (2).

Follow Brigita along the path to #3 where you’ll descend into the forest after a short conversation. You’ll be ambushed by a group of bandits led by a mage. There’s 5 of them in total so you will need to be careful. Once they’ve been killed continue down the path.

To the east is a cave entrance that you can explore if you want. Inside the cave you’ll find a Werewolf. If you follow the cave around it leads back out to the forest path. A little way from the cave exit you’ll be ambushed by another group of bandits except this time they have swordsmen with them. Make sure you search the corpses in the forest for Orens and extra loot.

Continue along the forest path to the west to your destination, a boat on the river. You’ll be attacked once more by a mage and bandits. Take them out and then send Brigita on her way. You’ll get the chance to go directly back to Loc Muinne or to explore the forest a little more.

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