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  1. Notice Board
  2. Bras of Ban Ard
  3. Rune Puzzle
  4. Rune Puzzle
  5. Rune Puzzle

Read the Notice Board (1) outside the tavern for a quest to rid Loc Muinne of Gargoyles. If you don’t have knowledge of gargoyles already you’ll need to read a book about them. Speak with Bras of Ban (2) about that. You’ll also want the books Runes of Power I, Runes of Power II, Runes of Power III and Runes of Power IV.

These books give you examples of how each rune is described. Each rune represents a broad category such as Time, Animal or Sky. You’ll need to activate the runes in a certain order based on a riddle to deactivate the site. Once all 3 sites at #3, #4 and #5 (6 puzzles) have been deactivated the quest will be complete.

Sky Rune


Time Rune


Animal Rune

Art Rune

Rune Combination 1

A doe’s long shadow
The moon quietly moans
It is autumn already

Answer: Animal, Sky, Art, Time

Rune Combination 2

Three field mice
Dance in a circle at dusk
Stars are like grain

Answer: Animal, Art, Time, Sky

Rune Combination 3

Glittering fish
Dying on a fresco
Struck by lightning

Answer: Animal, Time, Art, Sky

Rune Combination 4

Behold the comet
It is like a wolf in times of scarceness
An evil lullaby

Answer: Sky, Animal, Time, Art

Rune Combination 5

Clouds are like bees
When bells ring

Answer: Art, Sky, Animal, Time

Rune Combination 6

On the dark sky
The beauty of a falcon’s flight
Faster and Faster

Answer: Sky, Art, Animal, Time

Once a site has been deactivated a chest will be unlocked. Search inside each chest for some powerful items including Addam Deith (silver sword), Diagrams for the Elder Blood Armor Set, Orens and other items. When you are done return to Bras of Ban Ard (2) for your reward of 200 Orens.

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