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  1. Sewer Entrance
  2. Chests
  3. Bras of Ban Ard
  4. Incredible Lockhart

The Mystic River quest provides possibly the best armor in the game. As you explore the ruins you’ll find the Sewer Entrance (1). A pair of Bullvores guard the Chests (2) so you’ll have to fight your way past them to see what’s inside. Try trapping one with Yrden if you’re having trouble with them.

Inside the first chest is the Diagram: Armor of Ys, Orens and a few crafting materials. The second chest hidden in the bushes has even more valuable items with the Armor of Ysgith, the best armor for mages, and the Diagram: Vran Armor. You’ll also find a steel sword called Deireadh, although you should have a better sword by now, a Fire Rune and Studded Leather.

The next task is to craft the Vran armor. Find Bras of Ban Ard (3) once you have the materials and ask him to craft it. You will lose the Armor of Ysgith, which is one of the crafting ingredients. If you need the Diagram: Studded Leather you can buy it from Incredible Lockhart (4).

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