Aragami is a third person stealth game by Lince Works. You play as an Aragami, a ninja-like shadow spirit that can blink from shadow to shadow. You’ve been called up a girl named Yamiko who has been imprisoned in a city fortress. As you get closer to reaching her you’ll unlock new skills to control the shadows and uncover more of her history.

There are a total of 12 chapters in Aragami and each of them can be completed in multiple ways. For a more difficult challenge you can complete each level without being spotted (S Rank), or kill every enemy you come across.

Stay in crouched mode whenever you’re close to enemies. They can hear you as well as see you if you get too close. The cape works like your HUD. You can see how much shadow energy you have available. It glows red when you don’t have enough energy to make a blink. Once you have the skills unlocked the cape will also show you the symbol for the active skill and how many charges you have left. Be default you get two charges for each skill and these can be refreshed be visiting a shrine.

Aragami Walkthrough

Chapter 1: Aragami
Chapter 2: The Call of the Shadows
Chapter 3: Chimes of the Past
Chapter 4: The Shaded Woods
Chapter 5: The Great lake
Chapter 6: Mausoleum of the Fallen
Chapter 7: Kyuryu
Chapter 8: The Old Sage
Chapter 9: The Last Captain
Chapter 10: Military District
Chapter 11: The Sixth Talisman
Chapter 12: Ascension
Chapter 13: Twin Souls

Aragami: Nightfall Walkthrough

Chapter 1: Fading Shadows
Chapter 2: The Soul Alchemist
Chapter 3: The Hunt for Answers
Chapter 4: The Fall


Aragami was released of Windows, Linux, PS4 and the Nintendo Switch in October 2016. The expansion, Aragami: Nightfall, was later released in 2018 and included another four chapters and features 3 new skills and two playable characters.